Collection: Filey Bay - Spirit of Yorkshire

Yorkshire was once the 'Empire of the North' of the largest empire the world had ever seen. As the beating heart of the world's textile industry the county, then the largest in the UK, had a GDP and industrial output to rival most countries.
Whilst this might sound a bit like bragging - and far be it from me, a born and slightly bred Yorkshireman, to ever do the area a disservice, but life was hardly rosy for most of its citizens. Take the picturesque village of Saltaire: built by Sir Titus Salt who, whilst providing a fairly decent standard of living to his employees, insisted on the town he built being alcohol-free. Terrible! [There is a pub now in the village called 'Don't Tell Titus' - love it!]
Anyway, the county, split into 4 parts in 1973, whilst boasting several of the very best breweries in the world, was bereft of a distillery. In 2016 that changed and The Spirit of Yorkshire Distillery was born.
I have watched keenly as they experimented and brought out some quite stunning whiskies. Now I'm happy to be offering them North of the North if you will...